Nintendo Needs A Mushroom

  • Chris

    Nintendo’s problem is that they market solely for little children. Look at the cover art for ALL their products? It’s all really cartoony, puerile, wacky style stuff and little children can’t afford many games. PS and X-Box quite rightly have a few childish games and a huge market for teens and adults.

    • It’s true. Nintendo used to be for HARDCORE gamers! Super Mario Bros. was FIENDISH. They need to get back to making exceptional games that are suitable for all players, rather than fannying about with the “Just For Kids” stuff and dumb party games that people only play when they’re drunk.

      • Chris

        Party games and cutesy stuff with bright colours has NO LONGEVITY.

  • Research indicated that each Wii owner bought less than a handful of games. Console makers make money from the licence fees games publishers give them for the privilege of publishing on their platform. Microsoft and Sony both take losses on the hardware but recoup on huge profits on massively popular games. The Wii was gimmicky and had few massively popular games as a result, so not a lot of money was made. The Wii U is even MORE gimmicky and will have just as few popular games.

    Nintendo need to put out a console as powerful as the others that is easy to develop for, publish some excellent 1st-party games and have a massive push to bring developers back into the fold. They need to get their reputation for excellent gaming back, and lose the rep for baby-gaming.