#NEDJ Week 2 Monday: Introductions

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  • nookiedog

    Well done, finding the motivation to persevere when your body just doesn’t seem to be chaging is difficult.

    My partner and I have both started exercising more, but I know from experience that it takes my body a long time to take on any change, and I just won’t be that interested until I start seeing the difference. The benefit is that I don’t put weight on quickly though so… *shrugs shoulders*

    • I put weight on just by looking at fatty foods. Even more so when I actually eat the bloody stuff.

      • nookiedog

        Do you loose it by looking at a box of Special K, whilst wearing red speedos, in a supermarket?

        • I think if I did that I’d be arrested for offending the public decency. Nobody wants to see that.

          • nookiedog

            I dunno, I quite like Special K myself, especially the yoghurty version.