Girls And Boys And Tom Daley

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  • superlative

    It’s a pity you put ‘yes it’s a word’ in front of a word that isn’t a word. Trolololol.

    • Way to contribute to a serious discussion…

      • superlative

        Sorrrrrreeeee. I love you for your broad sexuality and poor spelling really.

        • Poor spelling? Excuse me? Which of us has the thick end of an English degree? Why is my spelling poor? x

          • superlative

            The bit where you’ve put sexalities above. The bit to wot I was referring in my initial comment!

          • OK, fair one, I didn’t notice that…

          • Update: fixed.

          • superlative

            Then I retract my previous mockery and prostrate myself before you in a manner which you would find pleasing whether it be performed by a man or a woman.

          • Why do I get the feeling that I’m still being gently mocked? 🙂 If it’s you doing the prostrating then the manner of a man would be favourite, thank you.

          • superlative

            I can’t help myself! I’m a bad person. I can’t just be happy and supportive of my friend. Take heart from the fact that I only openly tease people who I genuinely like and love. If I didn’t like you I’d just slag you off behind your back.

          • And I wouldn’t have you any other way, for I do the same! And if that makes us bad people then fuck it, at least we’ll be giggling on the way down to Hell.

  • loosemoarals

    And I only mock your success rate….